Well, we apologize that it’s been a few weeks- we had some sickness and other factors but we are back! This week I asked NCG a few questions and here are her answers!

1) GC-Is it tougher to be Modest in the summer or winter?
NCG: Summer, most definitely. Because its warmer (being modest is literally, during summer, the HOTTEST)!

2) GC-Would you rather be called gorgeous or hot?
NCG: Gorgeous, any day! Hot is when people look at your body. Gorgeous is much more flattering. But id take beautiful–and I’m sure most women would too–any day. Calling someone beautiful is looking at their soul 🙂

3) GC-What is most immodest for men?
NCG: Muscle Shirts

Thanks so much for your answers Nice Christian Girl (@nice_christian_ ). I want to elaborate a little on some of her comments. For women-NCG has always talked about covering up more. So modest shorts, tops and bathing suits make the summers hotter.

Most men are immodest in their words. Calling a girl hot is flattering. It may make them feel good for a minute but it doesn’t speak to them. Hit also has a connotation of just clothing or looks. Usually hot also refers to lesser amounts of clothes. Guys-if you’re talking to girls, compliment them wholly. You’re eyes are pretty are always gonna be pretty-instead of that’s a hot shirt-then she’ll always try to be hot.

Those are just a few thoughts. If you have questions or comments–leave them below or hit us up on twitter. NCG-@nice_christian_ or GC-@gracedcatholic.

May y’all be blessed with Modesty!

With His Grace-
-Blessed One


Modesty Monday-Guys Perspective

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Religion
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Last week I asked Nice Christian Girl (@nice_christian_) some intro questions. This week she took aim at me and asking my modesty opinions. Here they are-and the rest of her modesty thoughts.

Please tweet or comment if y’all have questions.

With His Grace,
-Blessed One

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Welcome to Modesty Monday

As NCG (@nice_christian_)and I talked about last week-we are going to combo blog every Monday on modesty. This week I asked her a few questions and here are her answers. I hope you enjoy.

1) GracedCatholic: Why is modesty so important to you?
Nice Christian Girl: It’s important because its a way I can protect, shield, and HONOR my own body.
2) GC: What effect has it had on your life?
NCG: It certainly affects what clothes I buy/how I layer my clothes. I have more respect for my body. I also have (weirdly enough) higher self esteem because I truly feel like I’m honoring God and respecting myself.
3) GC: What modesty tip do you have for our readers?
I’d say if you can lean over and nothing shows, raise your arms and you’re covered, and if you can put your arms down at your side, where you’re finger tips end is your shirt length.

I’d like to thank NCG for sharing today. I’ve learned a lot and know this was a blessing to y’all. I’ve gotta go return some shorts because they are too short (sorry for the mental image).

Have a good week and look for next Monday when NCG (@nice_christian_) is going to interview me, GC (@gracedcatholic) about a guys view on modesty. Until then–Modest is Hottest!

Nice Christian Girl
Graced Catholic

Modesty Monday–on Wednesday

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Religion
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Sorry this is a little late–there was some miscommunication with @nice_christian_ on the format and then yesterday’s election consumed me. But Alas–


First question is what is modesty–my opinion is modesty is respecting yourself and others in dress and actions. Now this isn’t being a prude or just for girls-it’s for everyone.

Usually people say-“We’ll cant I dress/act how I want, it’s up to them to look”. Well that’s true. You can dress however you feel, and ultimately any sins that could occur are the other persons fault-but just cause I can drop “F-bombs” like its my job, doesn’t mean in doing so I help my other Christian friends (we will discuss this more in the future).

What NCG and I wanted to do is officer both a guys and girls perspective on modesty to help y’all understand it better. I can say in my walk modesty is a huge struggle (no I don’t struggle whether or not to wear mini skirts–often). As a male, sexuality is amazing but the devil tempts men with beautiful women who may not be modestly clothed (again we will cover this more later).

If you have questions or want us to cover topics-leave a comment here or hit one of us on twitter @nice_christian_ or @gracedcatholic and we will address it in a blog.

PS-you should follow us, we are are pretty good tweeters too :).

Thnx and lets be more modest!

With His Grace
-Blessed One

All Saints

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Religion
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As we experienced All Saints Day today, I often turn my attention toward my personal call to holiness. See, we are all called to be saints. Sainthood isn’t something for a few goodies, but we are all called to be

Perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

Jesus seemed pretty clear about that. So, the Saints should be our hope. They should excited us and help us believe that we can be in Paradise with Jesus.

I encourage your today to thin about who is a saint that you relate too-and ask for their intercession to become Holy.

With His Grace
-Blessed One


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Hey guys-

It’s been a crazy few days around here. Hope to get back into a good pattern again this week. So now-Sundays Gospel–

This past Sunday we heard about the blind man that called out to Jesus, then Jesus healed him. There are so many good lessons in this story, but lets just go with the main overarching theme-being healed.

Bartimaeus called to Jesus and is healed-seems straight forward. But we know the gospels aren’t a one time story but are to teach us how to live even now. If you noticed Bartimaeus begged Jesus to heal him. This is our example too. We must beg Christ to come into our circumstances and save us from our sin. Bartimaeus is a great example of inviting Christ into your life.

Now, we must be humble enough to beg for that same healing.

What about y’all? What’d you guys learn at mass Sunday?

With His Grace
-Blessed One

Another Good Blog

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Religion
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I know I’ve promoted the site Third Option Men a few times here, but their blog is just so insightful to me. Here is a great article comparing your Christian work to learning to fly for the Air Force. Petty sweet!

Here’s Part One.

At the end of the page is the link to the rest of the blog!

I hope you enjoy!

With His Grace

-Blessed One